• bountiful basics

    Our Basic Nutrients come loaded with macro and micro nutrients that provide everything your plants need to veg and bloom in soil gardens and all types of hydroponic, and aeroponic set ups as well. Our Basic Grow, Bloom, and Micro also contain a ph buffer in the formula that allows you to set your ph level and hold it for weeks at a time to maximize nutrient uptake for optimal growth of your plants. High doses of Calcium and Magnesium prevent nutrient deficiency while improving plant growth performance.
  • infinite organics

    Organic Amino Blast comes loaded with essential Amino Acids needed for your plants to put their energy into additional growth instead of expending precious energy for simple life maintenance.
    Organic Ful-Potential is an amazing blend of both Fulvic and Humic Acids, ionic and non-ionic surfactant for foliar uptake, micro nutrient complexes, natural sweeteners, and beneficial bacteria. This will aid in accelerated growth, reduction of plant stress, chelates/binds nutrients to prevent lock out while enhancing nutrient uptake, works well for compost tea foliar and root feed. Ful-Potential is the best value per gallon when compared to competitive products on the market.
  • phenomenal foliar

    Foliar feeding supplies nutrients to your plant where photosynthesis occurs, the leaf site. Foliar feeding can also increase nutrient uptake through the root base up 25%. Grow Spray works for feeding your cuttings and through the vegetative portion of your plants growth cycle to reduce the time needed to vegetate your plants. Bloom Spray is used while flowering to increase your yield. Both Grow Spray and Bloom Spray contain a water based penetrator which is the most effective and healthiest type of surfactant available.
  • essential extras

    CalMagX is a specialized mineral based blend of Calcium, Magnesium, and chelated Iron formulated to prevent secondary nutrient deficiencies in commercial hydroponic systems and at home hydroponic gardens. Silica is a common natural element second in abundance only to oxygen on our planet and accounts for up to 10% of a plants overall weight. Silica greatly increases strength of an entire plant from a cellular level by reinforcing all of the plants cellular walls.
  • finishing touch

    Bloom FX Who said size doesn't matter? If you want bigger, harder, and more prolific flowers just add Bloom FX to your nutrient recipe. It will increase your overall yield, in one affordable product. Flushing solution will finish your plants off nicely by gently dissolving remaining salts to give your harvested product a clean finish. The natural carbohydrate in the formula was specifically designed to enhance the natural aroma of your crop, increase the oil content, and give your plant a food source to maintain a high yield.
  • powerhouse ph

    Our pH up and Down duo give you the power to control nutrient uptake at maximum efficiency. Plants typically uptake nutrients optimally between a specific range dictated by plant type and strain. Use our pH Up to increase your pH level or our New Concentrated pH Down to decrease your pH levels to achieve the perfect pH for optimal nutrient uptake. Our Bountiful Basics will then maintain that level for continued nutrient uptake between nutrient solution changes.
  • cutting care

    Everyone loves babies and we take that serious here at X Nutrients. MX Gel is a breakthrough in gel technology offering two products in one! Dip cuttings directly into the gel or dilute it in water to create solution you can use to soak the medium you plave your cutting in or right into an aerocloner. Magic Mist specifically designed for clone nutrition is coming soon!
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There are so many choices when it comes to buying nutrients for your plants.  How do you know which to choose? There are organic, synthetic, medium specific, and which additives do you need?  Let's start by being honest; all nutrients work.  However, not all nutrients are created equal.  X Nutrients has created a perfect balance of complete nutrients in a blend of organic and highly available synthetic form to ensure your plant receives everything it needs to perform to it's fullest potential.

Our goal is to help you grow stronger, bigger, healthier, and higher yielding plants while saving you money. Our various products will help you through all growth stages from clones, vegetative, to flowering and fruiting stages.  The high grade low salt formulas allow gardeners to use our products in soil, hydroponic, soil less, and coco mediums with excellent results.

X Nutrients are produced with a commitment to excellence.  Batch to batch you can rely on the same product consistency.  Our customers are our priority; we have not raised our prices in over 5 years to continue to make our nutrients affordable.  Your feedback is taken seriously, and we continue to add innovative products at the request of our faithful customers.


Most plants grow healthy and strong through the uptake of nutrients. Nutrients in the soil, and the availability of nutrients all depend on the nature of the soil..

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Hydroponics is simply the method of growing plants in water without soil. While the use of Hydroponics in gardening has realized a new popularity in recent decades...

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Coco Coir is a natural coconut fiber slightly different than using soil mediums. Coco Coir is relatively inexpensive, biodegradable, and renewable...

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Superior in soil...
...great for hydroponics...
and perfect for coco!
  • Cuttings
  • Vegetative
  • Bloom

Everyone loves babies and we're no exception at X Nutrients. Our MX gel is a breakthrough in gel technology offering two products in one, dip your soft wood or hard wood cutting in MX Gel for direct contact. MX Gel also doubles up as a cutting solution by simply diluting 1 tspn of MX Gel in 1 gallon of water to soak your medium of choice and keep your cutting in constant contact. Magic Mist will finish your cuttings is less time and have more explosive growth on both ends. Magic Mist is our latest product development in the X Nutrients line designed specifically for foliar feeding cuttings to provide essential ingredients that promote increase both top growth and base growth at the simultaneously.


The proper nutrients can enhance quality, yields, taste, and effectiveness. In some cases even the color and appearance can be enhanced through proper feeding and knowing your nutrients. Nutrients and minerals provide the required nutrition throughout the different stages of growth in the plants life cycle. For vegetative growth you want a nutrient that is high in Nitrogen(N) and lower in Phosphorous(P) to assure good vigorous growth, and strong structure. Proper levels of nutrients with the correct ratios of macro, secondary(micro), and trace minerals is vital in fast-growing plant varieties such as X Nutrients Basic Grow with Basic Micro. X Nutrients Ful-Potential will enhance nutrient uptake through all phase sof plant devlopment by chelating nutrients for maximum uptake during the vegging portion of the plant cycle. Some plant varieties can take much heavier doses of nutrients than others. It is always a good idea to learn the tolerance each variety has for nutrients to assure proper strong healthy growth through the vegetative stage.


For flowering you want a nutrient that is higher in Phosphorous(P) and Potassium(K) and lower in Nitrogen(N). Phosphorous and Potassium are vital for flowering such as X Nutrients Basic Bloom with Basic Micro. These are essential to increase flowering throughout the flower stage. As the plants progress through flower an increase in Phosphorous(P) and Potassium(K) are required for proper development. Bloom FX is a PK stacker specifically formulated to enhance fruiting and flowering resulting in higher yields. X Nutrients Ful-Potential will enhance nutrient uptake through all phase sof plant devlopment by chelating nutrients for maximum uptake during the fruiting and flowering portion of the plant cycle. Providing plants with the proper ratios of nutrients and trace minerals makes all the difference in a successful, abundant, and quality harvest. Some side notes to consider: Sulfur, Boron, and Copper are all essential in bloom as well, providing proper development of essential oils and terpenes. Too much nutrients, be them primary, micro, or trace minerals can effect the over all flavor of the finished product in a negative way so it is important to use products specifically formulated for flowering, and not to use multiple products for the same purpose at once.


New Products

Learn about our newest products.

  • Ful-Potential
    Ful-Potential is a fulvic and humic acid product designed to increase nutrient efficiency.
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  • pH Down Concentrate
    To make the most out of your nutrients, use pH-Up/Down, now in concentrate forumla.
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  • Magic Mist
    Magic Mist foliar spray specifically designed for clone nutrition coming soon!
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