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   Nutrients that go the X-tra mile
   We save you green so you can grow green
   We make quality nutrients that are simple to use and affordable
   Taste the difference
   Grow more...pay less
   Affordable quality
   Nutrients your plants dream about
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   Our Amino Acids are a Blast!
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   Proud sponsor of Feed the D, feeding low income and the homeless of the Detroit area
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   X Nutrients...a party in your plants
   17 Amino Vitamins in every bottle of Amino Blast only $12 Quart
   Mx Clone Gel only $5.95 per 1 oz pouch with Anti-bacterial and fungal agents built in to protect your precious babies from disease
   Grow and Bloom Foliar Sprays include a water based penetrating agent so its ready to go for only $16 per quart
   Grow, Bloom, and Micro are ph buffered, so set it and forget it! Only $12 per quart
   We sell big sizes for big time gardeners, available in 15, 55, up to 375 gallons.
   pH Up and pH Down, reliable concentration for only $11 a quart
   Want bigger buds? Stack Bloom Fx on for only $12 a quart
   The better the quality the better the taste
   X Nutrients, taste the difference
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   First time gardener to veteran, our nutrients will give the results you're looking for
   Results you can take to the bank while saving you bank
   Grow Big Save big What will you grow?
   Grow it like you mean it
   If size doesn't matter, how come we're so popular?
   Supply the demand
   Your plants are our lives

Our goal is to help you grow stronger, bigger, healthier, and higher yielding plants.  Our various products will help you through all growth stages from vegetative to flowering and fruiting stages.  Our products will maximize the full potential of your plants.

We make Grow and Bloom Nutrients for the growth and flowering/fruiting stages.  We also provide a Foliar and Bloom spray for effective nutrient additions and balance.

MX Gel promotes rapid growth development from cuttings.  We also offer pH up and pH Down for adjusting nutrient solutions to their proper pH thereby providing the best mechanism for nutrient absorption.

Our products are produced with a commitment to excellence.


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"Increasing my yields was my goal.  Through the help of X Nutrients I was able to easily do that."

Harold B.

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