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Micro Nutrients - Hydroponic Nutrients for Hydroponic Gardening and Hydroponics.

Label for Hydroponic Nutrients

Micro Nutrients should be used with either Grow or Bloom Nutrients.  It provides all the important secondary nutrients necessary for ideal growth.  Micro Nutrients are used through all stages of growth and flowering/fruiting.

Available in

  • 1 Quart
  • 1 Gallon
  • 2.5 Gallons
  • 5 Gallons
  • 15 Gallons
  • 55 Gallons

Refer to feeding schedules for amounts and usage.

General Usage:
Hydroponics - Use 15 mL per gallon in your reservoir.
Soil/Coco/Other medium - Use 15 mL per gallon everytime you water.  Discard any unused mixed nutrients.

Specific Usage:
Hydroponics - Refer to the feeding schedule for week by week amounts to use.  Pour directly into your reservoir.
Soil/Coco/Other medium - Refer to the feeding schedule for week by week usage amounts.  Use it everytime you water.  Discard any unused mixed nutrients.

Notes: Never premix with another product, always add directly to the reservoir.  Adjust your pH after adding all your products.

We all know plants need light, water, and food to survive.  Food, provided through essential elements, is converted into energy by the process of photosynthesis.  These essential elements are broken down into macro and micro nutrients.  The macro elements are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur.  The micronutrients are boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.  The roles of each of these elements are well known and each has essentially one role or function, while some support multiple facets of the plants nutritional needs.

‘Micro’ from X Nutrients supplies these essential macro elements Nitrogen, Potash, and Calcium as well as iron, an essential micronutrient.  The remaining micronutrients are provided in X Nutrients ‘Grow’ and ‘Bloom’.  It is highly recommended that Micro be used with ‘Grow’ during vegetation and ‘Bloom’ during flowering and fruiting stages.  This combination of elements forms a well balanced diet for your plants.  ‘Micro’ is available in Quarts, Gallons, 2.5 Gallons, 5 Gallons, and 15 and 55 gallon drums.

High Quality Ingredients = Healthier Plants.  We use high quality ingredients in our products (Pharmaceutical and Technical grade).  The ingredients sourced to make X Nutrients come from well established and respected companies with strong standards for quality control. Our raw materials are purchased from US companies and our product is made right here in California. There are no fillers, by-products, or harsh chemical residues often found in products made with lower grade ingredients.

When starting with the best just isn’t enough, we take it one step further. Producing a product that a beginner and expert gardeners can be successful with every time is one of our pillars; for this reason, our Micro Nutrients are pH buffered to ensure optimum nutrient uptake.   Each essential element and micronutrient requires the pH to be in a specific range to be delivered to the plant’s root system for your plant to fully utilize them.  The ideal average pH is between 5.5 and 6.5.  Simply put; our Micro Nutrients have buffers built into the formula to make sure that the pH stabilizes after you have set it at the desired number for your garden.

X Nutrients’ ‘Micro’ is loaded with Nitrogen, Soluble Potash, Calcium, and Iron.  We don’t skimp on our ingredients, including the necessary macronutrients in every bottle.  Keeping our system simple and affordable has been the foundation for our business and the reason more customers are getting on X every day.  Our two-part allows you to deliver the essential elements to your plants effectively and without breaking your budget.  Grow and Bloom Nutrients deliver the remaining elements, including boron, copper, manganese, molybdenum and zinc .

Micro Nutrients are designed for all types of growing mediums, including hydroponics, soil, and coco.  When using Micro Nutrients in soil or coco, we recommend feeding every time you water your plants.  For hydroponics, we recommend draining and replacing your reservoir every 1-2 weeks depending on the size of your plants and nutrient consumption.

If you are new to X Nutrients or considering making a change, you will find comfort in knowing that countless side-by-side comparisons have been performed by us as well as customers and the results speak for themselves. X Nutrients produces just as good a result as every base it has been run against while saving the customer money.   Some customers have even claimed results better than two times the competition.  With numbers like that and our fairly priced product, you can’t go wrong.  For more testimonials and customer results you can visit our Facebook page at


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